Treat 'em Right with Molly and Murphy All Natural Irish Biscuits. Our lip-smacking, tail wagging, hoof stomping Irish Biscuits are homemade in Connecticut from premium all natural ingredients and baked daily to ensure freshness and satisfaction.
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A Bag of Molly and Murphy All Natural Irish Dog Biscuits contains 20 Biscuits. 6 oz. 170 g A Bag of Molly and Murphy All Natural Irish Horse Biscuits contains 25 Biscuits. 8 oz. 227 g A Tin of Molly and Murphy All Natural Irish Dog Biscuits contains 20 Biscuits. 6 oz. 170 g
Pnb Pkn Blu

Organic Peanut Butter & Bacon

Organic Pumpkin & Carrot

Organic Blueberry & Coconut

Apl Gns WFGF

Apple Cinnamon Biscuit

Guinness Stout Biscuit

Wheat & Gluten FREE Biscuit

Hrs Apl_Hrs Tin

Carrot Horse Biscuits

Apple Horse Biscuits

Molly & Murphy Biscuit Tin

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LeeLee Sophia loves loves loves her new treats...Blueberry and Coconut biscuits... she lies down and enjoys both with the same fervor! Yummy....

New Canaan, CT

Nothing compares to the M&M blueberry biscuits I bought yesterday. Louie and Leisel give you a rousing barking thank you.

Newtown, CT

I just received the box yesterday THANKS! All my dogs ate their biscuits and loved them!

Crystal Lake, IL

"Mattie is loving her Molly and Murphy biscuits!"

-Mary Jo
Redding, CT

"Huck loves his Molly and Murphy All Natural Irish Dog Biscuits!!! Thank you they're the best!"

Saxtons River, VT

"Our dog, Stella, Is in love with these Biscuits! I've never seen her sit so perfectly still (with that look) when my wife and I go to the fridge. Keep up the great work, and please continue to let us know as M&M products become available"

Trumbull, CT

"The biscuits that I ordered as well as the ones my Mom ordered for us arrived very quickly and my dogs LOVE them. Now when I open the fridge they run over which they didn't do before hoping for another biscuit...”

Terrac Park, OH

"These biscuits are Great - all three of my dogs are enjoying them! Hope the new business is doing well. Great packaging"

Manchester, VT

"Awesome biscuits. Our black lab loves em and St Patrick’s Day is around the corner!"

Lincoln, MA

"My Lab doesn't get a treat everyday so it's ideal to give him one that's nutritious and smells great to everyone. The cranberry flavor is his favorite. Of course, his kisses are that much better after the treat freshens his dog breath"

Roswell, GA

"Max LOVES the Molly & Murphy biscuits!!! Can't wait to buy some for his friends and spread the word!"

Norwalk, CT

"My sister bought a bag of your coconut Molly cookies for her dog. The cookies look amazing and even her friend’s super picky dog loved them. That’s a true taste test!"

Newton, MA

"Tink and Dublin wait not so patiently for their Molly & Murphy All Natural Irish Dog Biscuits! They LOVE them!!"

Derby, CT

"We have to order some more- Boris cant get enough!"

-Bill, Laura, Derek & Olivia
Reston, VA

"Keaton LOVES the blueberry biscuits. They smell good enough for human consumption. Great product!!"

Ridgefield, CT